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Our 5 Marketing Rules Of Engagement

(for our clients and our team)


Always do what’s best for your client

Some people would do anything for money - that's not us. If a client wants us to do something that we know won't work, we explain why it won't be efficient and how to make it better. We reserve the right to refuse to proceed, even if that means losing the client. The last thing we want is a client to think our services are ineffective.


Honesty above all

At the risk of sounding blunt, we speak from the heart. If any part of a client’s current marketing isn’t as effective as it should be, we tell them clearly and honestly. We also explain “why” so that we can improve things. The last thing we want is for our clients to be unaware of a problem that, in the long run, will throw their marketing strategy off.


Respect between US and our CLIENT

We always respect our clients and they must respect us.

  • It’s understandable that our clients’ marketing knowledge isn’t advanced, precisely because it is not their profession. This is why we explain and help them.

  • On the other hand, our skills will have to be respected by our clients who will have to trust us without asking the opinion of their relatives and friends if our design work is well done. The last thing we want is to have our clients trying to teach us our job because we wouldn’t allow ourselves to teach them how to do theirs.


Respect between our TEAM MEMBERS

 Even if we disagree, we respect each other unilaterally and hierarchically.


  • We do not speak behind the backs of colleagues and if we have tension, we settle it privately.

  • On the other hand, if two opinions diverge, then the hierarchy will be the final call, The last thing we want is to waste energy and time with internal wars.


We keep track, we take notes, and we improve

When we do something, we record how long it took to help us become faster next time. We also take notes to avoid making the same mistakes again, to become more efficient, and to not forget anything. The last thing we want is to waste time and money, for our clients and for us.