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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Graphic Design

Video Marketing

Ensuring your website can be read and understood by Google and is better targeted towards people searching for this information.

It’s not just about making it beautiful to look it- it’s also about making it useful, ergonomic and logical.

Videos are not only the fastest way to communicate quickly with people but, as studies show, the preferred method. SEO is an important feature of video that is often overlooked.

Google My Business

Google is the number one search engine that not only helps your clients find you but also allows them to leave reviews on your business. Your good reviews are what help you to be on the first page of search results and easier to find.

Social Media

Each target demographic is different. Let us help you determine which social media platform to focus on and how.

Content Marketing

The most effective style of marketing, people are more willing to buy after they’ve been given free content that demonstrates you as an expert.

Email Marketing

Design a strategy to build your email list and a campaign to effectively connect to target and build your database.

Ad Campaign

We can help you design a successful ad campaign whether you want to see it in a magazine, on Google research or your Facebook daily feed.

Website Design

A good website has 3 components: design, SEO, and ergonomics. Let us help you design something beautiful that speaks to both your clients and Google.

Bilingual Translation

There is worse than not translating your marketing: it is to translate it poorly.

Parlez-vous français ?  -  Do you speak French?

All of our services can be offered in both English and French.

Our difference being that we speak French every day in our company,
which means that our translations are correct and not approximate as on these very funny examples!

As in English, "mug" can be an agression, their translation means in French "Electric automatic armed robbery". Same for their second French translation "Travel armed robbery".

Another example from an airport where the French translation means: "keep a polar bear away"

If the translations are funny, they are also very sad for the brand because few things are as upsetting to French speakers as a bad translation.

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