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First, Coffee Ring Marketing is a division of RêveNew Practice Management that provides marketing support to our consulting clients and other businesses.

We believe that our role as business and marketing professionals is to serve as an extension of your team, as your strategic partner, as you build your brand. CRM is comprised of a small, bilingual team lead by an experienced Marketing Manager & Art Director and a skilled Copywriter.

CRM has built a strong, creative team to support our clients and their projects. From time to time, we require additional expertise or support to complete a project. We have established a network of professionals that include highly motivated graphic designers, business consultants, IT, and administrative support.

The Baristas - a.k.a Our Team


Remy Dogra

Marketing Strategist,
Senior Art Director

During his 16 years of experience as Art Director in multiple advertising agencies in Paris (France), Remy created marketing campaigns for a variety of clients including hotels, car dealerships, gardening stores, beer suppliers, telecommunications, the food industry, real estate, and more.

Remy knows how to choose the ideal tone and media to deliver his client’s message to their target. His experience allows him to explain complicated product concepts in a simple way in order to facilitate the dialogue between the brand and its target.

By doing Strategy (Marketing) & Execution (Graphic Design), he is as accurate as he is reactive to set up an advertising campaign that will reach customers. What he likes the most is building and developing a brand, seeing it grow, and bloom.

Since 2018, he has been the lead for Development & Execution of all marketing and communication efforts at Talbot & Associates, and RêveNew Practice Management. In this role, he has promoted their brand, services, conferences, and seminars.


Kayla Doerksen

Picture this: a highly caffeinated squirrel that does pretty well for itself as an air traffic controller- and that’s Kayla in a nutshell! Between fielding client care and file administration, she can be found anywhere between the office and various RPM trade shows across Canada throughout the year.

Kayla is our Wordsmith and reviews most of the text that you can read from us and our clients.

Kayla joined T&A and RPM in early 2016 bringing with her stellar attention to detail and passion for writing. In 2012, she completed the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Manitoba, majoring in Psychology. In 2015, she received her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation.

Chief Operations Officer,

Quiet and quick-witted, Mahrukh is an artistic force to be reckoned with. Highly creative and multi-talented, she specializes in conceptualizing innovative design solutions for print, web, and broadcast applications.  

After earning her degree in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba and her Diploma in Interactive Media Designing from Seneca College in Toronto, she entered in the digital industry to explore her passion for designing and marketing. 

When she is not working, she likes to go shopping, enjoys baking, and spending quality time with friends.

Mahrukh N. Khan

Graphic Designer

Jean-Guy Talbot,

Founder & CEO of RêveNew Practice Management.
Practitioners' marketing consultant

Jean-Guy believes that happiness is a choice you make every morning. Passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, he has celebrated success and has overcome challenges since founding Talbot & Associates in 1987. Growing the practice from a one-person operation in his basement to over 70 staff in seven locations across Manitoba, he has devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to research the secrets of operating a better practice.

Applying real, practical methods tested by experience lead to him establish

RêveNew Practice Management to help practitioners reach new levels of profit they never thought possible. His approach to marketing professional accounting services is unique. By aligning his firm culture and values with his marketing philosophy, it has allowed him to expand his reach with the public.

Jean-Guy started his own YouTube channel focusing on practice management and business coaching. It’s a goldmine of free resources with new videos every week.


Kristine Tubiera

Kristine is passionate about supporting public practitioners, small business owners, and Associations. It takes a team to build an organization and no one can do it alone.

With over seventeen years of experience in the accounting profession as an association management professional, Kristine has a wealth of knowledge and experience in guiding practitioners. She has worked intimately with small to mid-sized public accounting firms understanding their needs, created innovative programs and services to support their practices, and educated practitioners in understanding their regulatory requirements.


Since LMVA Consulting’s inception in 2017, Kristine has transferred her skills to support small business owners and Associations with marketing, promotion, program management, and events. She has become her clients’ strategic partner using networking, professional development, events, and mentorship to help build relationships and drive their business.

CEO of LMVA Consulting 
Practitioners' marketing consultant 

Sara Bouchard

Administrative Assistant 

Sara lives by her own personal mantra to make each day better than the last. With seemingly boundless energy, she tackles everything in life with optimism and has a zest for new experiences.  

After graduating from her cosmetology classes in 2019, she took an interest in volunteering with Manitoba Mutts and fostering animals. Since then, she and her dog Hudson have fostered six dogs into their forever homes and they have no plans to slow down.  

One day she hopes to travel the world, having already crossed off her list places such as Mexico, Florida, Scotland, Ireland, Paris, London, Italy, and Greece. Her ultimate destination getaway is anywhere with sandy beaches and balmy weather- full of sunshine, just like she is.  

Life Quote: "Living the dream" - Jean-Guy Talbot 

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